Keith, Paul, Kevin Beasley



Hearkening from Peterborough, Ontario, the Beasley Brother’s passion for hunting is only surpassed by their commitment to their family and God. From an early age the brothers hunted with their father, Ken, who taught them what they needed to know about woodsmanship, responsible gun handling, and animal behaviour to fully engage them and build a foundation for their dream of working in the hunting industry.

Respect, integrity, a strong work ethic and an undying passion for hunting bond these youthful advocates of our hunting heritage at the hip. From their very first initiative to launch Ontario’s only magazine dedicated to whitetail deer hunting, these entrepreneurs have evolved Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine to become the most respected print publication authority on whitetail hunting in Ontario. Not long after they announced the start of the magazine, the brother’s were approached by Rick Poulin, the Records Chairman of The Foundation for the Recognition of Ontario Wildlife (FROW), about increasing their involvement from being official measurers to Executive Directors. With the Beasley brothers now steering the ship, FROW soared and has become a household name among big game hunters in Ontario and The Big Game Records of Ontario has grown to become a must-read by all big game enthusiasts.



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