Beasley Brothers Outdoors are pleased to present a multi-award-winning hunting adventure show, Canada in the Rough™

Every year thousands of Canadians, as well as visitors from all over the world, are privileged to experience Canada’s unique hunting heritage. Canada boasts 3.5 million square miles of unspoiled wilderness and some of the best hunting on the planet. Tune in each week as we document Canada’s greatest hunting adventures…in the rough.


Meticulously produced, expertly photographed and ultimately in a league of its own, Canada in the Rough™ has become “must watch” television for all North American hunters.

Canada in the Rough™ has been named the “Fan Favourite” TV Show, the “Best Overall Canadian Show” and most recently the “Best Show Overall” and “Best Host”.


Canada in the Rough™ is as unpredictable as the hunts it documents. Each episode strives to educate, inform, and entertain through a unique balance of a hunting experience combined with both the human and biological interactions with the varieties of species we are hunting.

With prime air times on premium networks in both Canada and the United States, don’t miss 52 weeks of spectacular episodes during prime viewing times for outdoor enthusiasts.


Creative, passionate, artistic and driven. The team at Beasley Brothers Outdoors Inc. specialize in capturing the sights, the sounds and the emotions of outdoor adventures and bringing them to screens across the world. While outdoor videography is the main focus, Beasley Brothers Outdoors Inc. also produces Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine and The Big Game Records of Ontario.


hunter posing with dead goat


Keith Beasley was among the first Canadians to be elected to sit on the prestigious Board of Directors for the Quality Deer Management Association’s Canadian board, and in addition to his field experience as a whitetail hunter, the insight and educational exposure he has had to whitetail deer and whitetail deer management through the QDMA is second to none. “QDMA is a world class organization that is 100% dedicated to education, conservation and management of whitetail deer throughout North America. My brothers and I are delighted to be members of this exceptional organization and to be sure I am proud to have been elected to the board of this forward thinking organization.”

hunter with dead caribou


Like his brothers, Paul spent his younger years working on the neighbour’s farms where he developed a tire-less work ethic and commitment to family. Paul has a unique blend of urban insight and technical understanding as an honours graduate in Computer Science from Trent University but is more comfortable dressing in camouflage and stalking big game or slugging through the marshes in search of a bag of waterfowl.

hunter with dead elk


Kevin Beasley is the youngest of the brothers and is an equally passionate and accomplished outdoorsman. Before going full-time with the media side of the family business, Kevin worked for Shimano, the makers of the finest fishing rods and reels and says that his passion for hunting is equalled by his passion for spending time on the water with his favourite Shimano rod and reel. Kevin is an accomplished hunter with many record book deer, turkeys and bear to his name.